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Education Websites I Love For Pre-K/Early Elementary

Who worries that their kid is watching too much tv?

Or playing too many video games everyday?

So many of us struggle with this, because while it’s okay let them watch tv, play video games, or play on the ipad sometimes, we all know too much is not good.

So then what else can we do at those times that we must get things done, and the kiddos are itching to use technology?!?

Find a great website or app that is reinforcing learning, that they also LOVE!!!

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Does Your Child See You As A Reader?

How often do your children see you reading a book?
Do they think that once they’re done with school, they’ll be done with reading because they never see adults in their life reading?

Everyday we have our children read, because we know it will help them to become better readers.
But do they ever see the adults in their life reading for enjoyment?