On our most recent family trip we went camping at Jellystone at Birchwood Acres in the Catskills.  During our stay there (as well as on the way there and back) we decided to try out some local wineries, breweries, and cideries along the way.  We had our children with us, so I made sure to find places that looked more family friendly. We also visited at times where we didn’t think they would be very busy.

Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery

One of my favorite places in the Catskills was one of the first place we hit, The Warwick Winery and Distillery

After arriving, I decided I wanted to do a cider tasting and since the tasting room was not too large and pretty crowded my husband took the kiddos outside to walk around.  The woman working gave me the cider menu and said I could pick 6 ciders to taste for $5.00, Score!!! After talking to her about what I might like I chose the Pear, Framboise Raspberry, Rose, Black Currant, Sour Cherry, and Cranberry.  I really liked all of them, but the Raspberry and Rose were definitely my favorites, followed closely by the Black Currant and Sour Cherry.

I was just about done and paying for a bottle to bring home when my family returned. They told me all about the tractors, pond, ducks, and chickens they saw!  As we were walking out through the front patio all the food looked really great! We wished we hadn’t just eaten our lunch in the car! We will definitely make sure we are hungry on our next visit!


Orchard Hill Cider Mill

After leaving Warwick Valley we saw that Orchard Hill was only about a 20 minute drive away, in the direction we were going, so we decided to stop in.  The tasting room was a small room with a bar, adjacent to a larger room with lots of tables. The bartender told us we could sit at one of the hightops (we were the only patrons when we arrived) so I could do the tasting there.  She brought over each of the tastings and explained what they were. She was super nice, as well as informative. After the tasting we headed over to the store adjacent to the tasting room. We had promised the kiddos if they were good they could get a little snack. They each picked out a donut (which they both loved).


Angry Orchard

Another one of my favorite places on this trip to the Catskills was Angry Orchard.  We arrived around mid-day and it was very busy. We didn’t plan on taking the tour, so headed straight downstairs where they did their tastings.  They had 6 ciders available on tap and you could choose 3 for a complimentary tasting! Score! I chose the pear, crisp apple and rose, which were all very good.  While I was getting my tasting my family was picking out a table in the beautiful outdoor area. Though it was busy the outside area was so large it didn’t seem crowded. We were able to find a table off to the side where the kiddos could run around without bothering anybody. The ciders were all really yummy and we loved enjoying the beautiful day outside.


White Cliff Winery

I picked White Cliff Winery because I saw on their website they had a beautiful outdoor area. Instead of choosing to do the tasting inside I purchased a glass of dry rose and brought it outside to hang with the family.  The patio was quite large with several tables and they had a very large grass area that went out to the vineyard. We went to the back of the grassy area as not to bother anyone. The wine was very good and the whole outdoor area was beautiful with scenery all around.


New Paltz Brewing

While out one afternoon getting some supplies we saw New Paltz Brewing. We decided to stop in so my hubby could try out a beer.  The inside was a large room with a bar area, as well as some high top tables. There was also a small sitting area, and some games, including a Foosball table.  My husband said the beer was very well done in a traditional German style and liked it a lot.  


Arrowood Farm Brewery

One of the most beautiful breweries we visited on this trip to the Catskills was Arrowwood Farm Brewery.  We arrive right when they opened and explored the large outdoor area before heading inside.  There was a duck pond with adirondack chairs, a stage, hammocks, corn hole, and a large patio with seating.  There was even a food truck the day we were there (not sure if they are there all the time). After exploring a little we went inside. My husband picked out a tasting and enjoyed the beer a lot. He said the farmhouse style beers were very good. There were a lot of families there by the time we left, as well as other groups, but the area was so large it didn’t seem crowded at all. 


Westwind Orchard

About a two minute drive away we visited Westwind Orchard.  They have a large outdoor area with lots of tables as well as lots of seating available inside.  I made my way to the bar where after talking to the bartender decided to do a sampler (I think it had 4).  It was quite crowded, but we were able to find a spot outside. I enjoyed the tasting a lot and all the cider was very good.  Lots of people had food, as they have an assortment of pizza, pasta, and some other goodies. There was also a cute little shop next to the bar/restaurant.


Rushing Duck Brewery

We weren’t quite ready to head home on our last day in the Catskills so we decided to make a couple stops along the way.  After having lunch we stopped at Rushing Duck Brewery. They have a large inside area with a bar and lots of tables. There is also a small covered outside area with a few tables.  We decided to sit outside because it was empty (and a beautiful day). My hubby really enjoyed the beers and said their barley wine and stout blends were amazing. He was disappointed he didn’t bring his growler with him so he could get it filled.


Long Lot Farm Brewery

After Rushing Duck, we headed down the road about 10 minutes or so to Long Lot Farm Brewery.  We headed inside where my hubby talked to the bartender and picked out a flight, which he said were all very solid.  We then headed outside to enjoy their beautiful lawn on an equally beautiful day. The lawn had lots of picnic tables and chairs, as well as lots of Adirondack chairs and even corn hole.  They had a large field of hops growing, a large garden and a food truck was also there. The scenery was beautiful and there was plenty of room to enjoy the view, as well as the beer


We had such a great time visiting all the great time visiting all the great Wineries, Cideries, & Breweries in the Catskills!!! Which is your favorite???