So what do you do when you realize you have a Birthday Party to go to in a couple of days, and you have no idea what that kiddo may want.

Maybe it’s somebody from your kiddos class that you nothing about.

You try to ask what he or she may want, but your kiddo just starts naming off stuff you know they want.  You can always go with whatever the theme is, but that’s probably what all the parents are thinking.  I’ve listed below some of my favorite Gift Ideas for Kids

Magnetic Blocks

My kids started playing with Magnetic Blocks when my youngest was two. Now at four and seven they still play with them all the time! These are great starter sets if the recipient doesn’t already have them. But if they do, this set is compatible with most other sets. I love giving gifts like this that spark imagination and creativity.


As a Reading Teacher and a mom, I feel as though children can never have too many books. Their interests change, their reading levels change, but what should stay consistent is that they always have books available to choose from. It’s okay if the books are too hard, they can always be read aloud to them, and eventually they will be able to read them. If there’s a theme for the party (princesses, superheros, mickey), I would pick books that go with that, otherwise you can always just search amazon (for example- type ‘books for 7 year old boy’) and you will have a lot to choose from.

If the recipient is a preschooler or beginning reader check out some of my favorite books for these kiddos

Beach Towels

I find you can never really have enough Beach Towels. We have tons, but still all summer long i’m searching for clean ones, because they’re either wet or in the hamper. Trust me, it’s always good to have extra ones around.


Legos are loved by kids of all ages! If you are buying for kiddos younger than 3, I would go with duplos (the bigger version of legos). These would be great sets if the kiddos are new to Legos or to add to existing sets

Art Supplies

Most kids love to create and that’s why art supplies are a great gift. There are tons of different options on what to get, but I have found that a basic set with some crayons, colored pencils and paper is always a good option.

What are your favorite gift ideas for kids??