Are you halfway (or more) through summer and realizing now you haven’t been as on top of that “Summer Reading” with your kiddos as you hoped you would be???  Have they even started their Summer Packets yet? No worries, even if you only have a couple weeks left you have plenty of time to get them reading this summer.

First things First

Make sure they are Reading EVERYDAY

They’re going to be mad in the beginning, but 20 minutes is not that long- maybe a little less if they are going into Kindergarten & 1st grades.

To Make it Easier

  • Make sure books aren’t too easy or too hard
  • Have them pick out books that they want to read- Take them to the library or the bookstore, or have them look on amazon to pick out what they want to read. Also check out my post about where I find books at a great price
  • Encourage them to find a comfy spot to read.  Nobody wants to sit at the dining room table reading.  It’s okay to be on a beach towel in the grass, or under the covers on their bed, as long as they’re reading

  Once they are fluent readers they should be reading the majority of the time, but it’s still okay for you to read to them.  It’s important that children hear fluent reading (good rate, phasing, expression).

Great Times to Read

  • Before bed
  • Rainy day and they’re looking for something to do
  • Need a break after a long day at camp or playing outside
  • Have a little while before going somewhere

Talk to them about their books

For younger students- say grades K-1, ask them who was in the books and what they did.  You can also ask what their favorite part was and if they book made them think of something.  Maybe it reminded them of something that happened to them or to another book that they read (These are called connections).  

For older students, you can ask them some of the same questions as the younger students.  It also would be helpful to talk about the most important part of the story and why it was important (reflection).  Also discuss if the character learned anything in the story (interpretation).

Just by reading for 20 minutes a day and talking about their books, you will have your kiddos on the right track to going back to school in a couple of weeks!