My husband and I love Las Vegas.  There I said it. I feel like it’s important to state that right from the beginning.  We’ve been 9 times now (over the last 15 years or so) and it’s definitely our adult happy place.  We have two kiddos so being able to get away (while they stay home with the grandparents) and just relax is key. We like to gamble (very low limit kind of stuff), have some drinks by the pool, go to nice restaurants, catch a show, and have a nice drink out. We’ve been to Downtown Las Vegas many times (we come at least once every trip), but have stayed Downtown three times now.  We like to stay Downtown for our first night then we head down to the strip for the remainder of our stay.  These are just a few of our Favorite Downtown Las Vegas Spots.

Golden Nugget

All three times we have stayed downtown we stayed at the Golden Nugget.  We chose to stay there for a couple of different reasons.


The pool is awesome.  It is very large, has a slide through a shark tank, great drink service and lots of lounge chairs.

Location and Rooms

Next Golden Nugget in a great location.  It’s right on Fremont Street in the middle of the action.  Since everything is so close together Downtown, you are never more than a few blocks away from wherever you might want to go. All three times we have stayed in the Rush Tower and have loved our rooms!  We always have a great view and the room is updated and clean.

Restaurants, Bars & Casino

The Golden Nugget has tons of restaurant and bar options.  We really like the Claim Jumper for Breakfast and The Ice Bar for its Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bar.  The casino is very large and has tons of different options for whatever you may like. We have enjoyed both the slot machines as well as some of the table games.

Mob Museum

The last time we were in Vegas we decided to hit the Mob Museum our first morning in Vegas.  We love to try to do a couple of new things each trip and since my hubby is a history lover we thought this would be perfect.  We did the standard day pass and we thought that was plenty. It took us about 2 hours to do the whole museum and we all enjoyed it. My husband is a former history teacher and thought everything was very well done.  There were four of us that went and we all agreed we learned a lot about the history of the Mob in Las Vegas in a very fun, interactive way.

Neon Museum

We did the Neon Museum on our previous trip to Vegas and it was awesome!  Since we usually travel in the summer, we decided to do the first tour of the day to avoid the afternoon sun, and we were glad we did!  We walked from Fremont, though next time we will probably take a cab. We arrived and were set up with a tour guide around the property (outside).  Our tour guide was very informative and we had plenty of time to take pictures while walking around. It was really neat to see all the old signs up close and hear the history about them.  The tour took about an hour and it was the perfect thing to do get away from Fremont for a little bit, but still felt very ‘Vegas’.

Carson Kitchen

We have eaten at Carson Kitchen a couple of times and has always been good.  It’s not very big and gets very busy so definitely try to arrive early or make a reservation.  We have come just my husband and I, as well as with friends, but we generally get a bunch of things and all just share. Some of our favorites were the Bacon Jam, Chicken Skin, and Flat breads.

Happy Hour

We love a good Happy Hour and Downtown Las Vegas has tons!  These are just a few of our Favorite Downtown Las Vegas Spots that offer Happy Hour.

La Comida

On our most recent trip, we decided to try the La Comida Happy Hour because we read online that it was great. It was only a couple blocks away from our hotel and when we arrived it wasn’t too busy. We were able to grab a seat at the bar, and asked our bartender about Happy Hour (which is from 3-5).  She said all Margaritas were $5 and they had nachos and flautas for $5 each too. They had a bunch of different flavors of margaritas and we all agreed the Margaritas were some of the best we have ever had (and some of us had had quite a few margaritas).  The nachos and flautas were also good, but though the portions were kind of small. Our bartender was very nice, and the guys appreciated her lesson on some of the large selection of tequilas they had.

Downtown Cocktail Room

Next we decided to hit up the Downtown Cocktail Room for another drink.  Their Happy Hour runs from 4-7 and during that time it’s half off everything.  They have some pretty crazy cocktails on their menu so we wanted to try some of them out.  When we arrived it was pretty busy, but were able to find a table right by the door. This was kind of amusing because they made it so it was hard to find from the outside, but you can see out from the inside.  We all ordered something different, but agreed they were a little too crazy for us.

Bangar Brewing

My hubby is a beer guy so we made our second trip to Bangar Brewing.  It’s a very casual atmosphere right on Fremont street. There is seating at the bar and a bunch of tables inside, as well as a few tables outside.  The bartenders were all very friendly and knowledgeable about the beers. Though they do have a happy hour, we didn’t make it during those times, but felt as though the prices were reasonable. My hubby says ‘Morning Joe is one of the best Kolsch style beers anyone is making today. They have a wide variety of beer and are just not IPAcentric.  If you are a craft beer fan it is definitely worth a visit.’

What are your Favorite Downtown Las Vegas spots???