Reading is a huge part of my family’s life and always has been.

As a Reading Intervention Teacher I see everyday how starting Reading at a young age can benefit children throughout their lives. If children don’t have this love of reading from an early age it can pose problems for them later on when beginning school.

Since our kiddos were babies we have made reading a special time in our home. Both of my kiddos have their own favorite books, but I’ve listed ones that they have both loved (and still do)

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Dr Seuss

What’s not to love about Dr. Seuss. The stories are so fun, kiddos love the rhyming and repetition, and the illustrations are always excellent.

Little Blue Truck

My little guy received this book when he was just a baby and I fell in love with the illustrations. I think the illustrations are my favorite of any book we have. We also love the characters and the message of the story. There are now so many books in The Little Blue Truck Series.

Eric Carle

Eric Carle books are another favorite in our house. From the time my kiddos were little their favorites were Brown Bear, Brown Bear and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The illustrations are beautiful and kiddos love the repetition in many of the books.

Nancy Tillman Books

Nancy Tillman books have always been a favorite in our house. The kids (and us as parents) love the message of unconditional love. These books naturally open up a conversation about how we love our kiddos no matter what and always will.

Amazing Machines

My son received these as a gift and they are some of his favorite books. As a lover of trains, planes, and any kind of automobile they were right up his alley.

E Readers

My daughter got her first E Reader when she was two or three and she still loves them, even though she’s now seven and is a fluent reader. My little guy also loves them, especially his favorite character ones. I love to give these for gifts as well.

What are your Preschoolers Favorite Books????