One of our favorite Summer Time Day Trips is a visit to Emery’s Blueberry Farm and Laurita Winery in New Egypt.  We’ve been going to these places for years and everybody in the family looks forward to the day we go.

Now you might think a winery as a Family Day Trip?  But let me tell you, Laurita is one of the most family friendly wineries that we have traveled to.

Emery’s Farm

We started going to Emery’s Blueberry Farm about 8 years ago, and I don’t think we have missed a year since.  Blueberry season is usually mid June through July. The last few years we have been going around the 4th of July and they always seem to have a lot of berries.

We try to arrive when they first open so the heat of the day hasn’t set in yet.  We each grab a bucket and catch the tractor ride (my little guys favorite part) out to the field.  

Emery’s has rows and rows of blueberries and there’s nothing like blueberries right off the bush!  They’re AMAZING! After we fill our buckets as much as we can, we take the tractor back and get our berries weighed.  We then bring our slip inside the shop to pay, and also purchase some other goodies (the blueberry donuts are a family favorite).  They have so many goodies from pies and other baked goods to jams & preserves to blueberries by the pint and flat if you didn’t pick enough.

Then it’s time to head out to see the animals.  Emery’s has a donkey, sheep, goats, and chickens.  You can even buy feed for the animals for a quarter.  My kiddos love to visit them every year.

Laurita Winery

We then get in the car and head over to Laurita Winery which is only about a 5 minute drive away.  Laurita is probably our favorite winery in New Jersey so whenever we’re out that way, we try to make a stop.  

We love Laurita for lots of different reasons.  First, they make really good wine. We’re not into sweet wine, which is what a lot of New Jersey wineries produce.  While they do have sweet wine, they also have other varieties of white, red, and sparkly that are all really delicious.  Next, the winery and grounds are beautiful. The inside is very spacious, and has a beautiful rustic, barn vibe to it. We usually get a couple of glasses or a bottle to share and head outside to enjoy on their equally stunning grounds.  One of our favorite parts in the outdoor area complete with picnic tables and a huge playground. My kids would hang out for hours on the playground. We also like to talk a walk around through the vines and my kiddos love seeing the grapes.

Laurita also has a lot of festivals throughout the year with food trucks and tons of activities for the kids.

Has anybody ever been to Emery’s or Laurita in New Egypt?