Summer is a time of fun when we’re care free and can enjoy our time (especially outside).  I know in my house we love to go to the beach or the pool and spend the whole day!

But there’s also something else that’s super important that we need to remember in those fun summer months.  

We can’t forget about helping our children hold onto those skills that they learned during the school year.  We need to make sure that they are still reading, and practicing the skills that they learned during the school year.  

What is the Summer Slide???

The Summer Slide is a decline in academic skills that happens when children aren’t in school over the summer.  As a teacher, I have witnessed first hand, students coming back after summer break, dropping several reading levels.  Students have also forgotten some of the skills that they learned during the school year. Teachers on average spend the first month of school reviewing concepts that were learned the previous year.

What can we do to prevent the Summer Slide???

Read, Read Read!!!  

When I tell my Reading Intervention Students this I get a lot of moans and groans.  Really, I know the last thing they are thinking about doing is reading. I tell them I’m not expecting them to read all day long.  They’ll have plenty of time to go to camp, go to the pool, hang out with their friends outside, but they do have to make time to read.  

You Have Plenty of Time to Read

  • Read for a few minutes before heading out the door to camp
  • Read when you need a break from the sun at the beach
  • Read before going to bed at night  
  • Read while your parents are making dinner
  • Read to be able to earn time on favorite electronic device

There is plenty of time in their day to read.

Some tips to make reading easier

  • Make sure students are reading books close to their level (not too easy or too hard)
  • Let them pick out books they will enjoy reading
  • Help them find a cozy spot to read in
  • Make it a part of their daily routine

What else besides Can We Do????

Don’t forget about the other academic subjects.  Math, Writing, Spelling, Science, & Social Studies are also important.  I always recommend to parents to check out what kinds of online programs their school district may be a part of.   Many districts purchase online tools for students to use at home. Parents can simply ask teachers for students login and password information.
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