So my little guy, like most 4 year olds, has a big personality.

At 2 he was pretty much non-verbal due to so many ear infections.  But after two sets of tubes in his ears, and lots of speech therapy he is a different child.  He talks non-stop and is full of life.

Recently my mom and I were talking and she mentioned how pretty much anytime Luca wants something he gets it.  It’s not a matter of him being overly spoiled, as he probably gets toys as frequently as many kids do. It’s just he’s so convincing!!!  This conversation was prompted after he had lovingly convinced my mom to take him to Walmart yet again to buy more toys. After this discussion I thought more about it and realized she was right!  

So How Does He Do It???

So when Luca wants something, he believes with his whole heart that it’s going to happen.  A few months ago he was talking about a new toy train he wanted.  He was talking about it as though it was coming to him. He would say you ‘you know that train Diesel 10 that i’m getting’. It was like he knew soon enough it would be his.  This made me think of a few books that I had been reading recently about the Law of Attraction. In a nutshell it said if you want something you have to think about it as if it is already yours!  And that’s exactly what he was doing!

This happened more and more,and not just for material items. One morning he was convinced after his morning preschool he was going to go on a train ride with his grandpa. I tried to tell him that might not happen. But when grandpa picked him up to bring him to school, he convinced him a train ride was a great idea. What I believe worked for him was believing these things were his with his whole heart.

It All Starts with Gratitude

I then begin to think about it more. I realized my little guy was one of the most grateful people I knew.  One day on a family trip to the boardwalk I won him a stuffed animal. Every day (sometimes a couple times a day) he would thank me for getting him this stuffed animal.  He told me how much he loved it. How nice it was for me to get it for him. How he loved to snuggle it. He was just so happy to have it. His big sister even got tired of hearing him appreciate it so much!  

He was like this with so many things. Whenever anyone got something for him he would thank them pretty much anytime he saw them. Even if it wasn’t a physical gift, but an experience- even a quick trip to the park- A week later he would say ‘Remember when you took me to the park last week Pop-Pop- I had so much fun, thank you’.

Just like believing with our whole hearts that what we want is already ours.  If we are a person who lives a grateful life, it raises opens you up to have more things to be grateful for.  This was totally what he was doing.

So even though I had been reading about the Law of Attraction and doing a lot of work in implementing it in my life, it is definitely a work in progress.  I had been practicing believing what you want it already yours. That living a grateful life would lead you to have more things to be grateful for.

I was seeing it in action right in front of me.

My son was showing me how all of this really did work and I could make it work for me, just like it was working for him. I just needed lead a grateful life and to start believing everything I wanted was already mine!!!

Thank you Luca 🙂