Who worries that their kid is watching too much tv?

Or playing too many video games everyday?

I know so many parents that struggle with this. While it’s okay let them watch tv, play video games, or play on the I-pad sometimes, we all know too much is not good.  

So then what else can we do??? Sometimes we have to get things done, and the kiddos are itching to use technology!!!

Find a great website or app that is reinforcing learning, that they also LOVE!!!

First Things, First– Free is for Me!!!

The first thing you should do is find out from your child’s school if there are any websites they have purchased subscriptions for, that your student is also able to use at home.  In the district where I work as a Reading Intervention Teacher, students have access to several websites free of charge (the fee is paid by the district). In the district where my children go to school, they also have different options for websites.  Your child’s teacher should be able to give you all the information you need including usernames and passwords.

I’ve only listed the websites/apps that my kiddos have personally used and loved.


My daughter and I both LOVE RAZ-Kids.  The teacher sets your child’s reading level, so students are only able to read  books that are on their level. Coming from a Reading Teacher, it is super important that your child is reading books that are on or close to their Reading Level. Once they have completed all the books you are able to move them onto the next level.  For each book (depending on the level), kids are able to listen to the book, read the book, then take a quiz on it. Parents are also able to see which books and activities their child has completed, monitor their progress, and send them messages.

No Subscription Needed


Though there is a paid subscription available, my daughter solely uses the free option and has been very happy with it.  This website is new to me, as my daughter just got a subscription this year through her school. She was using it in school and after talking about it for weeks we got her username and password  from her teacher so she could also play at home. This is a math-based game where students create avatars whose wizard spells are powered by the math problems they solve. The problems cover a lot of different content. If a student has trouble with a problem, they get hints to help them out.

One thing I love about Prodigy is I get weekly reports on how my daughter is doing.  I can see how many questions she has answered at home and at school. It also shows what percentage of questions she answered correctly based on skill (adding up to 10, odd/even numbers, etc).  I love that it shows me exactly what she is struggling in, as well as what she is excelling in! You can also set a goal and then send a reward when they have reached that goal.

Storyline Online.net

This is a great website I used a lot as a classroom teacher, and my kiddos at home also really like it.  There are a library of books that are read aloud by different members of the screen actors guild (many of them your children will recognize).  You can find stories by author, reader, title, run time or simply scroll through to find one your kiddos are interested in. What I love about this website is is that children are able to hear expressive, fluent reading which is so important for children to hear.  For those times that we aren’t able to read out loud to our children, it is great that they are able to hear this on this right on their computer or tablet.

Jack Hartman

So this isn’t a website, but a YouTube channel.  My little guy came home from preschool talking non-stop about Jack Hartman. I asked his teacher who he was and she led me to his YouTube channel.  He has all kinds of great videos with songs about the ABC’s, Counting, Shapes, Movement, and so many more. Even my 7 year old loves to listen to him.