So as a Mom with a house full of books and a Reading Teacher with classroom full of books, I often get the question, where do I get all these books, and how can I afford all them???  Let me tell you, it’s not shopping at the bookstore on my teacher’s salary that’s for sure!

So where do I get the best deals?!?


First, think about what kinds of books your kids will like (what are their interests?  What kinds of characters/shows do they like?) Pick a few books based on that and have them try out a few from the library.  If you are trying out books they will be reading (not that you will be reading to them), it’s also a good idea to make sure they’re reading books at the appropriate level (their teacher can let you know what that is).  Once you have an idea of books that they would like, it’s time to go shopping!!!

Consignment Stores

One of my favorite places to by books is at my local consignment store.  Most of the books are around a dollar so I can buy a bunch at once for Birthdays, Christmas, Easter Baskets, for long car rides, or for a special little something for my kiddos because they did something great!  I also love to buy books when my kiddos are into something new (trains, barbie, etc) because they are more likely to want to read (or be read to) if it’s something they enjoy (see above^)

Garage Sales

If I happen to see a garage/yard sale that has some kids books I will usually stop if I can to check them out.  You can get a great deal, and usually the more you buy, the better deal you will get!

Facebook Marketplace/Facebook Sales Groups

Some of the best book deals I have gotten have been through Facebook Marketplace or in some of my local Facebook Sales Groups.  People will generally sell a lot of books for a bulk price. I have gotten grocery bags full of books for $5-10 all in really great condition.  I have even gotten books for free for my classroom from wonderful people who when I tell them I am a teacher are happy to know their books are going to a place where they are very much appreciated by students.

Where do you find the best deals on books???