My family and I decided to head to Williamsburg for our Spring Break this year with the kiddos.  Our Spring Break was super late this year (end of April) so we were hoping for some warmer temperatures in Virginia, vs where we live  in Jersey. My husband is also a history buff so was excited to experience some of that with our kiddos now that they (especially my older girlie) could start to appreciate it more.

Great Wolf Lodge- Williamsburg

We were also excited because I managed to get a great deal on a super deluxe room at one of the kiddos favorite places- Great Wolf Lodge (it’s always so hard to get a great deal the week everybody has Spring Break!)  We had been to the one in the Poconos before which they loved so we thought this would make a great addition to our trip.

It took about six hours to drive from our part of Jersey, due to some traffic in the Baltimore/DC area, but the ride wasn’t too bad.  Thank God for portable DVD players for each of our kiddos, they are definitely a lifesaver when it comes to long car rides.


We arrived at Great Wolf around 1:30, and though our room wasn’t ready we knew we would be able to use the water park right away.  We had a separate bag packed with all our our bathing suits, and a couple of water toys for the kiddos (and of course snacks, we never go anywhere without snacks!)  Check in was super easy and we were told our room should be ready before 4 (check in time) and we would get a text message letting us know when it was ready (love that!) We received our wolf ears and  wristbands which you use to enter the waterpark, borrow towels, use as a room key, and even any purchases we would make (only works for adult wristbands). We also got a schedule of all the days activities so we would know exactly what we wanted to do.

Water Park Time

We changed and made our way to the waterpark.  There were plenty of chairs available and we found a great spot.  My little guy (4 years old) was all about the small play area, which included 3 small slides, a water table and some dumping buckets.  It was very shallow, so he was able to walk around easily.

My girlie (7 years old) headed off with the hubby to do some bigger slides, play basketball in the pool, hop across the leap pads, and do the lazy river.

Our Grizzly Bear Suite

We were there for about an hour when we got a text that our room was ready.  The kiddos and I headed up to the room, and the hubby went to the car to get all our stuff.

Let me tell you, this room was AWESOME!!!  We had the Grizzly Bear Suite, which was a 2 bedroom, 2 bath suite that includes a living room with a fireplace, a small kitchenette (small fridge, microwave, sink, and coffeemaker) as well as a balcony!  

After checking out the room and organizing a little bit, we headed back down to the waterpark.   We had lots of fun going all over, but especially enjoyed the lazy river and the play area for the little ones.  After a couple more hours, we all were getting hungry so decided to head up to the room and get ready for dinner. (See my Williamsburg Restaurant and Activity Post)

Living Room
Master Bedroom
Master Bath
Supply Run

After dinner we headed to Walmart (less than 5 minute drive from Great Wolf) to pick up some stuff for the room.  We got cereal and milk for the kids, lunchables, and some snacks. Again it’s great to be able to save some money by simply having breakfast in the room before heading out, and the kids were so excited to have their lunchables the next day!

Nighttime Activities

We then headed back to Great Wolf to relax a little and to enjoy the night activities.  One of the things we love about Great Wolf is that in addition to the waterpark they have lots of activities going on all day and into the night.  That night we went to the pajama dance party (my daughter was so excited for this), the clocktower show, and storytime. My kiddos (4 &7) loved all three activities. There were kids of all ages from babies to around 10 or 11 that were all having fun.  

Check-out and More Fun

The next morning we got up, had breakfast in the room (again so happy we picked up some food at the store).  The waterpark opened at 9 so we arrived when it opened. Checkout was 11 so we packed up, loaded up the car, and checked out so when we were done with the waterpark we could just head out.   We had a seperate bag packed with a change of clothes for everyone. We stayed about 4 more hours (brought some lunchables and snacks for the kids and protein bars for us) because we knew we were going to go out for an early dinner once checked in to our second hotel.  We also went to two more activities (wolf ear decorating and another clock tower show) to round out the afternoon. All in all we loved our stay at Great Wolf and will definitely be returning again.

Once we were all changed, we hit a couple of local breweries (see my post on Williamsburg activities).  Then we went a few more minutes down the road to check into our next hotel. Now we would have loved to stay our whole vacation at Great Wolf, and even though we got a good deal on our suite, it wasn’t in our budget to stay for 3 nights.  

The Colonies at Williamsburg

Since we love having some space, we decided to opt out of a hotel, and got a 2 bedroom condo at The Colonies at Williamsburg.  I read some great reviews (on both Yelp and Tripadvisor- my go-to’s). In some reviews people mentioned them trying to get you to go to a timeshare presentation, but noone asked us during our stay.


Check in was easy, and everyone was super friendly.   We were given a packet which includes all the information on the resort, as well as times for different activities they had.  While it was not nearly as extensive as Great Wolf, they did have several activities listed for kids and adults each day.

This Room Though…. OMG

Now let me tell you about this room!  It was beautiful, everything looked so new!  We entered the condo and right away saw tons of space!!!  Off to the right was a washer/dryer combo as well as a linen closet with ironing board and some extra blankets and pillows.  We then walked into the master bedroom with King size bed and full bath, including a walk in shower. We proceeded to the eat-in kitchen which included a full size dining table and everything we needed (plates, silverware, mugs, even wine glasses).  It was all open to the living room which included 2 big chairs, a comfy couch, and a large ottoman. This led onto the patio, which included a small dining table and 4 chairs. There was also another full bathroom (accessible to the living room, as well as the next bedroom).  This bedroom was smaller, and included a smaller bed (I think it was a queen).

Pool time and other amenities

After unloading and doing some unpacking we checked out the large indoor pool (another reason I made this choice). It had a walk in ramp, a large shallow end, including benches my little one liked to walk on.  It also had a deeper end with some basketball hoops, and frogs to climb on. They also have a large outdoor pool area, that includes some small waterslides, but it wasn’t open at the time of our trip. My kiddos were also super excited to check out the small arcade (we didn’t have time to check out the one at Great Wolf).  There was also a gym that my husband checkout out and said the equipment was pretty good. While there are no housekeeping services during the stay, it didn’t bother us because we were only there 2 nights.

All in all we were super happy with our stay at the Colonies at Williamsburg.  We felt like we got a ton of space, the condo was beautiful and it was super close to all of the attractions that we were interested in.  Everyone there was super nice, and we were happy to have a nice indoor pool to use when we weren’t on the go. Would definitely recommend