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Does Your Child See You As A Reader?

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Does Your Child See You As A Reader?

As a Reading Intervention Teacher, I listen to students read ALL DAY. I teach students in grades K-5 so I have readers at all different levels, and besides some short phonics, writing, and comprehension lessons, they are reading most of the time they are with me. During this time we also discuss what they are doing well as readers, and I give them strategies that they can use to become better readers. But, I never realized, with all this reading, they never see ME reading.

Even at home, I listen to my daughter read everyday, and while I read books to her and my son, rarely do they ever see ME reading books of my own.

How Can Kids See You As A Reader If They Don’t See You Reading?

Not to say that I am not a reader, that is far from the truth. Every morning, I wake up extra early to make sure I have quiet time for myself and some of this time involves reading. I also sometimes have time to read on my lunch break at work, when I’m at the gym, or even after my kiddos go to bed. All times when they don’t see it.

SHOCKED To See An Adult Reading!

What spurred this whole thought was one day I had a very interesting discussion with one of my 5th grade students, who was SHOCKED when I took out a book of my own to read along side my students. It happened during the last week of school when I let my students have free choice reading time, so I decided to join them.

During this discussion we talked about how I read everyday, and how reading is such an important part of my life. My 5th grader was SHOCKED because she had never seen me reading for enjoyment, and also mentioned how she never really saw her parents reading either. After this, I decided it was important to show not only my students, but my own children how important reading is to me. They need to see me reading, and hear me talking about my books just like I talk with them about their books. Even just casually mentioning a book I’m reading, or maybe how a book they’re reading reminds me of a book I have read. Then they not only see me as a reader, but also see how reading is a lifelong activity, that simply does not end when they are done with school.

Do you find time to read for enjoyment with your own children?

Would your kiddos be surprised if you suddenly pulled out a book to read while they were reading?