So I am by no means a “Crunchy mom”.  

  • My kids eat a lot of food that is not organic.
  • I give them antibiotics if they need it
  • We never co-slept
  • We didn’t use cloth diapers

But there are a bunch of things that we do try to do in a natural way to keep our kids healthy (which I’ll talk about below).

Just this past week my kiddos came down with some kind of  stomach/fever yuckiness. Our school district was even closed for a day to give custodial staff extra time to clean, because whatever nastiness it was, it was running rampant through classrooms.  

My little guy was fine one day, then the next he woke up crying (he’s always super happy in the mornings) so I knew it was bad.  Checked his temp and it was around 101.5. About 20 minutes later he proceeded to start vomiting. Fun Times.

This continued for the next few days.  

And of course when one child gets sick, the next isn’t too far behind.

My daughter got the same thing a few days later which also took her out for a couple of days.

Things I love which help us get through the rough times of kiddos being sick (or keep them from getting sick)

Elderberry–  I started taking this when I was pregnant and breastfeeding as a natural way to build immune support and continue to take it now along with my kiddos.  I usually buy the Gaia Elderberry because it contains a high concentration of elderberry compared to other brands.  If someone in the house is sick, everyone starts taking it.

Pineapple Juice– If you kiddo has a cough, you must get a pineapple and juice that bad boy up!  Make sure you include the core, because it contains a high amount of an enzyme which helps to remove mucus in the throat.

Raw, Organic Honey (Do not give to children under 1)-  We love raw honey for quite a few reasons. It has antioxidants, boosts immune function, and can really help soothe a bad cough or sore throat and can help ward off allergies.   I personally like the Trader Joe’s Brand because I think it’s a great quality and very affordable. It also is great because obviously the kids love it, but it gives me a good way to hide the flavor of the Apple Cider Vinegar.

Raw, Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)– Help with so many things, but related to sickness it’s great at  strengthening the immune system and providing good bacteria for the gut.

Fresh Lemon Juice– Great source of Vitamin C, contains antioxidant properties,  boosts immune system, relieves a sore throat and it smells oh so good!  What’s not to love about that!

For the kiddos– I mix some honey, about a tablespoon, (melt it a little) then add a tiny bit of Apple Cider Vinegar, about a half tsp (or more if they can handle it) and a little lemon juice (½ tsp). I also will make them a ‘warm lemonade’, where I just heat up a cup of water a little, melt in some raw honey and squeeze in some lemon.  They think it’s a treat because they rarely drink juice!

Also some not so crunchy remedies I like…

Zinc- Use it as soon as you feel you’re getting sick to avoid it, or if you’re already sick it will help you get better quicker (my big girl loves the gummies).  Check dosing instructions

Vitamin C-Of course there are lots of healthy foods that provide tons of Vitamin C, but if you have a sick kiddo that doesn’t want to eat, try a Vitamin C supplement (we love Emergen C).  For the kiddos, I just add to orange juice or smoothies and they don’t even know it’s there. Check dosing instructions.

Vics- When the kiddos have a cough that is bad especially at night, I put some Vics on their feet, throw on some socks.  I know it sounds crazy, but it really works!

What are your favorite remedies (crunchy or not, to help your sick kiddos get well soon?!?