Have you ever heard the phrase “A Sunday well spent brings a week of content”?

So every week (usually on Sunday) I make our dinner menu for the week.  We try to eat out/get take out only once or twice a week so I have to make sure all the rest of our dinners are planned.

What about breakfast and lunch???

– So here’s the deal- Breakfast is pretty much a free for all, I just make sure my kiddos have their usual favorites, yogurt, fruit, cereal, waffles, and they’re good to go.  Then I just have a protein shake and the hubby doesn’t really do breakfast.

-Lunch is pretty much the same- Usual sandwich favorites and a couple snacks and the kiddos are set.  Again i’m good with a protein shake, and I usually buy whatever kind of meat and veggies are on sale for the hubby to take to work.

Now to the most difficult planning of the week, Dinner.

So here’s what I do almost every week.  First, I get my shopping circular, phone( or i-pad), notebook, and pencil.  Since I usually do this on Sunday that’s where the menu will start.








Sunday, if we don’t have anything big going on that day, I will usually plan for a dinner that we love, that I might not have time to cook during the week.  I LOVE to cook and find that Sunday is usually the day that we’re getting ready for the week, running a few errands, and I actually have time to enjoy cooking.  I will also usually plan another labor intensive dinner for Monday, (that is just as good, or even better the next day) which I will then cook while I’m cooking Sunday dinner.

How do I pick which dinner I want?  

That’s where the circular and technology come in handy!!!

So I start by looking at my circular and see what meat is on sale.  Maybe pork loin, chicken breasts, or thighs, something that I know will take longer to make then say steak, or tacos (some weeknight favorites).  And meat is usually one of my most expensive items at the store, so that’s why I start there.

Now let’s say chicken breasts and pork loin are on sale.  I go to Pinterest and look at my own Pinned recipe boards to see what kind of recipes we love that use chicken breasts and another one for pork loin.  If I don’t see anything there, I go to my Saved files in Facebook, where I have recently started a Recipe Folder. If I see something one of my friends has posted that looks yummy I always try to save it, so I can go back to it later.  Or I can look at some of my favorite cooking blogs that are also on Facebook and scroll through and see what looks good.

So now I have a plan for Sunday and Monday, but what about the rest of the week???

Sunday- Greek Chicken/Greek Quinoa Salad

Monday- Pressure Cooker Asian Pulled Pork/Brown Rice/Cucumber Salad

Tuesday- Leftovers



Friday- Pizza

Saturday- Family Day

We usually do a leftover day during the week which usually ends up being Tuesday, because I’ve made two bigs meals on Sunday and Monday so I know there will be extra.  Friday is usually pizza with my family and we are usually out having a family day on Saturday so will usually stop and grab something or just use something quick in the freezer.  

Now we only have 2 days left!  See how easy that was!

So now weekdays are hard because, well let’s be real, there’s lots going on during the week between work, school, kids activities, etc.  So these nights I’m planning quick meals.

Some of our favorite go to’s are tacos (my daughter’s favorite), burgers (or mini sliders), homemade pizza, breakfast for dinner, steak, plus many more (Definitely will be a blog coming soon on quick dinners).  I usually choose these based on again what’s on sale, or what I have left in the freezer from what I have previously bought that was on sale (that’s the time to stock up).

So now all you have to do is write down what ingredients you need, add to your list what you need for breakfast and lunch and you are good to go for the week!

Doesn’t it feel great to have a plan!  and now you can make only one trip to the store!

You’re starting out the week great!